Hard as Hell Shooting Event

Hard as Hell shooting event tests marksmanship and physical skills, Dec. 1-3

Engaging targets from hundreds of yards away, negotiating steep terrain and lugging heavy weapons are what make the Hard as Hell Multigun a challenging and rewarding event – and what attracts hundreds of practical shooting enthusiasts.

Hard as Hell is back for its 6th edition at the Southern Utah Practical Shooting Range, beginning at 8 a.m. Dec. 1 and going through Dec. 3. More than 300 competitors – approximately 90 percent from outside the St. George area – are expected to participate in the three-day event.

“The event is unique in the length and difficulty of its courses,” said Match Director Brian Nelson. “They test the competitor’s marksmanship and physical skills. There’s a sense of achievement attached to it.”

Creativity is in abundance at this event and physical fitness is imperative. One of this year’s courses requires the competitor to deploy their shotgun on one range, safely abandon it, carry a 40-pound simulated mortar tube from one range to the next, hit pistol targets while carrying the tube, set the tube up on its stand, climb a hill and shoot rifle targets from approximately 300 yards.

Previous Hard as Hell stages have required shooters to clear a World War I-era trench complex using their shotgun, engage multiple pistol targets from 15 to 70 yards, climb up an earthen berm – using a rope for support – and then unsling a rifle and engage rifle targets from 50 to 620 yards. Other times, stages have incorporated rock climbing walls, weighted armor-plate carriers, LE breaching shotguns and stun grenades.

“I try to design the courses at Hard as Hell to be the most difficult shooting challenges at any match in the country, then layer on physical challenges on top of them,” Nelson added. “The physical stuff is hard, but we also have options for competitors to opt out of them for a time penalty. It never helps one’s performance to take the penalty, but it allows the match to be fun for everyone. We’ve had people finish from ages 12 to 72.”

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